Happy is the Bride. . .
With a Sixpence in her Shoe!


With this unique gift of a silver English "Sixpence for her shoe" . . . .the bride will then have ALL of the traditional good luck wedding symbols needed to complete the famous legendary custom:

opencard-05.gifSince we Americans didn't use the sixpence in our currency, the last line of that English nuptial rhyme had to be ignored, and then was forgotten through the years. 

But now, you may fulfill the promise of Joy, Happiness, and Good Fortune to your favorite future bride by sending her this special bridal gift card with an English silver sixpence.


It is a perfect gift for congratulating an engagement, or for a bridal shower, or for the card to accompany a wedding present.  This imported English coin is a very special, and an increasingly valuable keepsake.  It is no longer even being minted, nor has it been in circulation since 1967.

cardface-05.gif The net covered sixpence is tied to the card with a blue satin edged ribbon, making it very easy to remove the coin for the ceremony. 

The heavy linen textured white card measures 5" x 7" so it is possible to use any standard size frame for safekeeping.  Maybe it will become a tradition to use the same sixpence in future weddings of family and friends.


You can make your gift even more personal and sentimental by selecting the date of the coin you order.  The Queen Elizabeth II series of the sixpence was minted from 1953 - 1967.  If there is a year in that time frame which is meaningful, you may order that one.  The Comment section on the following Order Page will take your preference.




Face of Coin

 Profile of young
Queen Elizabeth II
with a
Garland Crown

Reverse of Coin

Mint Date

Flowers of British Isles:
English Rose
Irish Shamrock
Scotch Thistle
Welsh Leek

Actual size

The diameter of a sixpence is 0.75 inches
(about the size of a U.S. Dime)

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